Ms. Rachel Scott

Ms. Rachel Scott

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Vancouver, BC
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Both a nerdy academic and creative artist, I am natural teachers’ teacher and exuberantly share my knowledge in an environment that is rigorous, supportive, hilarious, and authentic. I strive to “walk the talk,” fail with abandon, and bring my best self forward. Through kick ass and creative learning experiences, I support students’ growth and self-actualization so that they can joyfully and effectively share their passion and knowledge with others.

With a sense of humor just left of center and a tendency to break into song (or even funny accents), I will empower you to be your best so that collectively we can evolve global consciousness - one inspiring learning experience at a time.

Rachel’s Sequencing Mentorship A yoga teacher’s companion for smart, creative sequencing.

Up your teaching game with Rachel’s continuing education for yoga teachers in sequencing and cueing.

Rachel’s Sequencing Mentorship is a 4-month course for yoga teachers who want to improve their teaching and sequencing skills in the hatha and vinyasa styles. Not only will this program expand your sequencing library, it will also help you to crystallize your understanding of anatomy, alignment, action, and cueing.

Learn. We start with an intensive overview of sequencing concepts and skills, which will empower you to understand peak pose sequencing and make the most of the program. Expand. Every week, you will receive a new sequence and teaching tips for a different peak pose. Meticulously designed for a safe and empowering practice, these sequences can be taught “as is,” or used as a launch pad for your own creativity. Apply. Each week, you are invited to two livestream classes (one hatha and one vinyasa), where you can experience variations of that week’s sequence in action. Classes are recorded for those who can’t attend live. Connect. The monthly Zoom meeting with Rachel and your fellow mentees provides a forum to connect personally, share your ideas, get feedback, and ask questions. Meetings are recorded for those who can’t attend live. Yoga Alliance CE Credit.

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