• Push Up

    The push up is a staple exercise to target the large muscles of the upper body including the chest and shoulders.

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    <p>Push Up - Home Exercise Program; <a href="https://www.healthchoicesfirst.com/practitioner-type/kinesiologist">Kinesiologist,</a> Clinical Exercise Physiologist</p>

    Push Up - Home Exercise Program; Kinesiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist

  • Push Up - Home Exercise Program

    The push up is a staple exercise to target the large muscles of the upper body including the chest and shoulders. 


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    Position your hands on a table or chair, ideally shoulder with apart, with your arms extended, elbows angled out at 30 degrees. Slightly pull your shoulder blades down and together to engage your shoulder’s stabilizer muscles (also known as your rotator cuffs). In a controlled fashion, lower your body towards the table or chair. Ideally, your arms should be at a 90-degree bend at the bottom position. Next, push through your arms to elevate your body to the starting position. If this exercise is too strenuous, perform a push-up against a wall. To make it more challenging, perform the push-up on the ground. Repeat this movement for 10-15 repetitions.

    Exercise, sleep and a balanced diet are of great importance as they have a vital impact on physical health and one’s sense of physical and emotional well-being. Finding a clinical exercise physiologist to help guide you can be a great way to start a daily exercise routine that’s realistic, fun and most importantly achievable. Often seeing a local family physician or a physiotherapist in conjunction with a registered dietitian and athletic therapist is a great option to take control of this condition. Smart Food Now and exercise is also optominal for overall health.   

    Before getting started, talk to your doctor about what level of fitness is safe for you and please check with your doctor to ensure this exercise is right for you.

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