Joe Priore

Joe Priore

Athletic Therapist
St. Catharines, ON
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Joe Priore Bio

Joe Del Priore is a highly qualified Certified Athletic Therapist, holding both provincial and national certifications. Here's an overview of his background and expertise:

Educational Journey: Joe Del Priore's interest in sports and health led him to pursue higher education in this field. He completed an Honors degree in Community Health Sciences at Brock University and continued his post-graduate studies at Sheridan College, specializing in Athletic Therapy. This educational foundation highlights his commitment to understanding the human body and its interaction with sports and physical activities.

Lifelong Learner: Joe's dedication to ongoing education is evident in his pursuit of continuous learning. He consistently seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills. His recent focus on areas like concussion and vertigo assessment and treatment, fascial chain and soft tissue release, cupping massage, and orthopedic bracing and custom taping indicates his commitment to staying up-to-date with advancements in his field.

Diverse Clinical Experience: Over a span of twenty years, Joe has gained valuable experience working in various clinics. His primary specialization is in sports therapy, but his education and hands-on experience have equipped him with the ability to work with patients of all ages and conditions.

Wide Range of Clients: Joe's expertise extends to a diverse clientele. He has worked with individuals across the spectrum, from children to adults, and from novice to professional athletes. Whether it's weekend warriors or active seniors, Joe's adaptable approach enables him to support each individual's recovery and personal goals effectively.

Passion for Sports and Health: Joe's personal interest and passion for sports and health underscore his commitment to his profession. This passion likely translates into his interactions with patients and his dedication to their well-being.

Overall, Joe Del Priore's profile portrays a skilled and dedicated Certified Athletic Therapist with a strong educational background, ongoing commitment to learning, and extensive experience in treating individuals of all ages and conditions. His specialized knowledge in sports therapy, coupled with his ability to adapt his approach to diverse clients, makes him a valuable asset in the field of athletic therapy and rehabilitation.

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