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Dr. Susan Goodwin

Hamilton, ON
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    Visited Dr Goodwin last week, have seen her once or twice over the years before. Each time I say I'll never go back, but I thought seeing as I had seen her before I should stay with her. Never again. I am going to ask my Dr to refer me to a nother neurologist. This visit was very short, she was not interested in what I had to say, cutting me off rudely. She said that I had an MRI 2 years ago so there's nothing wrong with me. Luke nothing can change in 2 years. I tried to explain all my symptoms and the constant pain I've been in for the past year and a half. I felt frustrated she was not listening and almost seemed argumentative. She did not physically examine me. The appt was over in about 5 mins.
    Submitted: April 30, 2018

Dr. Susan Goodwin, Local Neurologist, Hamilton ON, Heart Failure NOW

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