Ms. Amanda Holyk

Ms. Amanda Holyk

Kelowna, BC
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At iMaster Health, we believe everyone should have access to high quality healthcare and services. Our mission is to create accessible rehabilitation programs to help individuals manage their chronic health condition(s) anywhere, anytime. Improving access to rehabilitative care will help prevent the progression of chronic diseases and reduce medical expenditure. The experts at iMaster Health are ready to guide millions of people along their healing journey with videos, audios, and demonstrations. Product Description

The team at iMaster Health is working tirelessly to deliver an online pulmonary rehabilitation program that will help individual’s breathe stronger and live a better quality of life.

The online program offers workout programs for all fitness levels (beginner to experienced), breathing exercise demonstrations specific to each respiratory disease, and educational podcast episodes from a team of health professionals.

If you are looking for local services or  treatment  in the office or hospital from a Local Kinesiologist, contact a provider such as ( Ms. Amanda Holyk ) to inquire if they are accepting patients or you need a referral.   Phone number to book an appointment 7806033652

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Please contact ( Ms. Amanda Holyk, Local Kinesiologist Kelowna, BC ) to enquire if this health care provider is accepting new patients.


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Ms. Amanda Holyk, Local Kinesiologist, Kelowna BC, Heart Failure NOW

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Heart Failure Now

Heart Failure Now